Quick Answer: Should I Buy A 4 Or 5 String Bass?

Is it harder to play a 5 string bass?

First, the fretboard of a five-string bass guitar is in most cases wider.

This is not good for playability and is certainly harder to play than a narrower 4 string fretboard.

It is more difficult to wrap your palm around the chunky fretboard and may be slightly overwhelming for a beginner..

What is the point of a 5 string bass?

Well, back when keyboards became popular bassists wanted to go lower to compete with the boards (which could go way lower than a bass). Now, with 5-strings, you get 5 lower notes, and you don’t have to slide way down on the E string to hit a lower note.

Is the bass hard to learn?

All in all, learning the bass guitar requires a lot of practice and hard work. In some aspects, it can be quite easy to play as it has fewer strings. At the same time, some may find it harder as it is larger and heavier. It simply depends on you and how well you can carry a rhythm.

What is the best 4 string bass guitar?

Top 10 Best Bass Guitars To Buy In 2020 ReviewsFender Deluxe Active Precision Bass Special, Maple Fingerboard.Yamaha Bb734a Bb-Series.Yamaha 4-String Bass Guitar Trbx304 Mgr.G&L Tribute Jb2.Yamaha BB234 BB.Ibanez Talman Tmb100 Mgr.Stingray Ray4 Bass Guitar Sterling By Music Man.Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar.More items…

Is a 6 string bass worth it?

There are definite benefits to a 6 string and really it’s up to you if you want to use a bass more melodically. If you think you’d like to play with an occasional solo in a higher register or in a band where you’ll be matching the guitar then you’ll probably find enough reason for a six string.

Can you play a 6 string bass like a guitar?

And then there’s the obvious: a bass guitar is a guitar, just tuned an octave lower, so it should be logical that a six string bass guitar can be played with “guitar chords”. … Yes, if you are tuned to Standard tuning: EADGBE. The bass would obviously be in a lower octave range(think Bass clef).

What is the most strings on a bass guitar?

The most common type of bass guitar with more than four strings is the five-string bass. Five-string basses often have a low-B string, extending the instrument’s lower range. Less commonly, five-string instruments add a high C-string, extending the higher range. Less commonly, the six-string bass guitar is used.

What note is the 5th string on a bass?

The notes of a five string bass in standard tuning are B, E, A, D, and G. Already that is a pretty big difference; the five string bass goes three full notes lower than the four string bass.

Should I start with a 5 string bass?

There is no disadvantage to learning on five string. Absolutely true. If you want to play five (which is a good idea, 5-string is becoming the standard), it is much much better to start on five rather than starting on four and moving up.

What is the most versatile bass?

Fender’s Jazz series is probably the most versatile bass design, as evidenced by the fact that it is the most copied design out there and bassists from all genres of music use them in great numbers.

What Bass should a beginner buy?

Best Basses for BeginnersSquier Vintage Modified Precision Bass PJ. This is a beginner bass that would be a welcome addition to any bass collection. … Fender Mustang PJ Bass. … Ibanez GSR206 GIO. … Yamaha TRBX304. … Epiphone EB-3.

What size bass guitar should I get?

Choosing the best bass guitar size is an important consideration for any beginner. Full-scale basses are long instruments and smaller bassists may want to consider a short-scale model. For younger bassists, many manufacturers offer even smaller student sizes.

Is Bass easier than guitar?

The bass is easier to play than the guitar. The bass may only have four strings compared with the electric guitar’s six, but that doesn’t make it any easier to learn to play properly. It’s a different instrument that’s played differently from the electric guitar.

Can you slap on a 5 string bass?

it is actually impossible to slap on a five string.

What’s the difference between a 4 and 5 string bass?

What are the differences between four and five-string bass guitars? Aside from the number of strings, the 4-string bass has a thinner neck so it is easier to play, especially for beginners. The 5-string bass has more notes as there is the extra string, but it has a thicker neck and is generally bulkier and heavier.