Quick Answer: Can I Use Face Mist After Serum?

How often should you use face mist?

Ideally, a facial spray should be used twice daily.

However, you can spritz it more frequently if you’re traveling by air or if you feel like your skin needs a pick-me-up, says Dr.


For effectiveness, using a facial mist properly is as important as picking the right one..

Is Face Mist necessary?

“Patients with dry or aging skin usually love mists as they immediately restore moisture and create a more youthful glow,” she says. “Oily or acne-prone skin types should look for oil-free preparations but may still derive great benefits from lighter products and antioxidants in facial mists.”

How do you use face and body mist?

They lock in moisture after you wash your face and add a dewy finish that keeps your skin looking fresh and radiant all day. Spray one of these mists on any time of the day or night to reap the benefits.

Can you use face mist over makeup?

Besides acting as an instant pick-me-up, mists can be used in between your skincare steps, over and under makeup, and even to dilute other products.

What is a good skin care routine?

Cleanse. Cleansing is the first step of any good skincare routine. … Tone. Toner is an optional step, but if you have a toner you like, you should absolutely use it. … Vitamin C Serum. When it comes to serums, Dr. … Eye Cream. Eye creams fall into the “treat” category. … Moisturizer. … Sunscreen. … Cleanse. … Tone.More items…•

Is Rose water a toner?

Rose water is, indeed, a natural toner. It comes from the Rosa damascena flower, commonly known as the Damask rose, and is created by distilling rose petals with steam. While it’s become more popular in recent years, rose water has actually been used for centuries.

Can I use face mist after moisturizer?

Before Adding Moisturizer To maximize its powers! By adding a hit of hydration first, it can help skin do a better job of absorbing whatever you’re putting on after. And since you should apply moisturizer morning and night, you can also use face mist twice a day.

What is facial mist for?

For starters, everything! Toners and face mists actually have very different purposes: Toners cleanse and prep skin for moisturizer, while face mists instantly hydrate and refresh. So, if you’re going to use both, make sure to use a toner first.

What comes first toner or face mist?

Since you want the minerals and vitamins from the mist to be absorbed into your skin, Peach and Lily recommends that you use a mist right after your toner and before your serum or moisturizer. Extra Tip: Stay away from mists with oils. These can clog your pores and cause breakouts! More to come about mists soon.

Is face mist the same as toner?

Essentially, toners clean your skin and prepare it for moisturization, whereas face mists instantly and effortlessly freshen you up at any time of the day. As you can see, they serve different purposes.

Do face mists work?

“Studies have shown that humidifying mists may increase hydration levels with microdroplets of water that penetrate the areas between skin cells,” Jaimie Glick, M.D., a dermatologist at Marmur Medical Center in New York City and clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical School, tells SELF.

Which facial mist is the best?

The Best Face Mists to Kick Winter Dryness to the CurbGlossier Soothing Face Mist. … Garnier SkinActive Soothing Facial Mist With Rose Water. … Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray. … Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. … Fresh Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Face Mist. … Biossance Squalane + Hyaluronic Toning Mist. … Dr. … Supergoop!More items…•