Question: What Are Some Boy Names From The Bible?

What is a boy name that means love?

Top 30 Baby Boy Names That Mean LoveNameMeaningAgapiusThis means “divine love” in Latin.

A very unique name for your sweet boy.

This is a beautiful baby boy name meaning love of God.AikoOne of the most beautiful Japanese names for a boy, it means “the little loved one”.28 more rows•Feb 25, 2020.

What names mean God’s gift?

Gracious Baby Names That Mean Gift From GodAdiel. Meaning: Hebrew for God sent.Anana. Meaning: Greek for “Given by God”Corbon. Meaning: Hebrew for “Offered from God”Donato. Meaning: Italian for “Gift from God”Dorek. Meaning: Polish for “God’s Gift.Elsi. Meaning: Greek for “God’s satisfaction sent to earth”Gaddiel. Meaning: Hebrew for “Fortune from God”Hanniel.More items…

What is the most rare name?

If this list of the rarest baby names in the United States is anything to go by, some parents go into the naming process with one condition in mind: Their kids will not have to share names with their classmates….Rare Girl’s NamesTate.Trixie.Tulip.Twinkle.Valkyrie.Zane.Zi.Zowie.More items…•

What are the 7 names of God?

Seven names of GodYHWH.El.Eloah.Elohim.Elohai.El Shaddai.Tzevaot.Jah.More items…

What boy name means gift from God?

Names for BoysNameMeaningJaniGift from GodJwalaprasadA gift bestowed upon humans by the God of Fire HimselfMatiGift of GodMatthewSomeone who is born on Earth as a reward from God71 more rows•Jun 18, 2019

What are good biblical names?

200 Best Biblical Boy Names With Meanings:Aaron: Aaron means a ‘Teacher’, ‘Lofty’, or a ‘Mountain of strength’. … Abaddon: Abbadon is the name of an angel in the Bible, and it means ‘The Destroyer’. … Abagtha: Abagtha refers to a general court official, or means the ‘Fortunate one’. … Abana: … Abdiel: … Abednego: … Abel: … Abiah:More items…•

What is the most biblical name?

#8. Daniel (boys) … #7. Michael (boys) … #6. Jacob (boys) … #5. Alexander (boys) … #4. Ethan (boys) … #3. Benjamin (boys) – Name popularity rank in 2019: #7 (12,942 babies born) … #2. James (boys) – Name popularity rank in 2019: #6 (13,087 babies born) … #1. Elijah (boys) – Name popularity rank in 2019: #5 (13,300 babies born)More items…•

What boy name means blessing?

Boy Names that Mean Blessing Apikai – Hawaiin, meaning “a blessing.” Barack – Swahili, meaning “a blessing.” Barke – African, meaning “many blessings.” Benedict – Latin, meaning “a blessed boy.”