Quick Answer: What Do We Mean By Proliferation?

What does Proliferation mean in politics?

Nuclear proliferation is the spread of nuclear weapons, fissionable material, and weapons-applicable nuclear technology and information to nations not recognized as “Nuclear Weapon States” by the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, commonly known as the Non-Proliferation Treaty or NPT..

Why Nuclear proliferation is bad?

These risks fall into three classes: the risk that some fraction, be it large or small, of the inventories of nuclear weapons held by eight countries will be detonated either by accident or deliberately; the risk that nuclear weapons technology will diffuse to additional nations; and the risk that nuclear weapons will …

What word means easily passed from person to person?

synonym study for contagious 1. … Contagious, literally “communicable by contact,” describes a very easily transmitted disease as influenza or the common cold.

How does nuclear proliferation affect us?

Several nuclear explosions over modern cities would kill tens of millions of people. … 3 Nuclear weapons produce ionizing radiation, which kills or sickens those exposed, contaminates the environment, and has long-term health consequences, including cancer and genetic damage.

What is a proliferation in anatomy?

Proliferation is the growth of tissue cells. … They have high rates of cell division and growth.

How do you use the word proliferation?

Proliferation sentence examplesIt may also take place where rapid proliferation of the cell is going on, as in the budding of the Yeast plant. … This phenomenon is known as proliferation of the floral axis.More items…

What does non proliferation mean?

noun. the action or practice of curbing or controlling an excessive, rapid spread: nonproliferation of nuclear weapons.

What is the opposite of proliferation?

proliferation(noun) growth by the rapid multiplication of parts. Antonyms: nonproliferation, non-proliferation.

What is another word for proliferation?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for proliferation, like: increase, conception, generation, multiplication, procreation, reproduction, spawning, aggrandizement, amplification, augment and augmentation.

Why is Proliferation important?

To develop bodies and organs, cell proliferation of multiple rounds is necessary in all multi- cellular organisms during embryogenesis. … In this way, regulation of cell proliferation is very important for development and also related biological areas, and the knowledge of underlying mechanisms is accumulating.

What is another word for prolific?

SYNONYMS FOR prolific 1, 2 teeming, fecund, abundant.

What are the reasons for weapons proliferation?

Competition to gain power and status is most often the cause for the proliferation of weapons. Small arms, nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons are the types of weapons most often discussed when talking about the issue.

How do you define nuclear proliferation?

Nuclear proliferation, the spread of nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons technology, or fissile material to countries that do not already possess them. … The term is also used to refer to the possible acquisition of nuclear weapons by terrorist organizations or other armed groups.

What is the meaning of proliferation of arms?

The small arms trade (also called Small arms proliferation and the small arms market) is the markets of both authorized and illicit small arms and light weapons (SALW), as well as their parts, accessories, and ammunition.

What is proliferation in business?

Product proliferation occurs when organizations market many variations of the same products. … However, it can also be considered that marketing so many new products leads to economic resources being wasted; the consumer becomes confused and mistakes are made in the purchase of products.