Question: Why Do Students Choose Humss Strand?

Why did you choose Humss as your Strand?


Well, HUMSS stands for Humanities and Social Sciences.

It helps improve student’s reading, writing, speaking and social skills, and the skills this strand is trying to develop are critically needed for students who want to take up journalism, education, and other social science-related courses in college..

How do you survive a strand in Humss?

You have to be confident. The key to survive this strand is to be confident. HUMSS students are expected to be good communicators and public speakers and so this strands has a lot of presentation activities to prepare students for their future jobs. You have to be good at everything.

What jobs are under Humss?

Possible Careers/ Jobs related to HUMSSTeacher.Lawyer.Psychologist.Author / Editor.Politician.Criminologist.Journalist.Criminologist.More items…

What is the best strand for architecture?

Students who want to pursue a degree in Architecture are encouraged to take the Accountancy, Business and Management strand. This strand provides the basic concepts of business and financial management, and corporate operations that will be helpful for college. The student must be a high school graduate.

What is the benefits of Humss Strand?

The HUMSS strand revolves around improving the students reading, writing and one of the benefit of this is your speaking skills will enhance and your it will help you to boost your confidence. People choose this strand because they are aspiring member of the society that will help their fellow.

What is Seaman Strand?

In the pre-baccalaureate maritime specialization, which is a modified program of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM strand under the academic track, six specialized subjects of the STEM strand were retained and three were replaced with maritime-related subjects.

What is Seaman Course?

Our Able Seaman course satisfies the requirements for any Able Seaman document (Unlimited, Limited, Special, OSV, Fishing, Sail and MODU, this course has a prerequisite of a minimum of 180 days of sea time). This course is often completed in conjunction with Basic Safety Training (BST). …

Why is choosing a strand important?

For some, choosing the right strand is not just about making new friends and discovering new things related to a subject (like learning to make ice cream in chemistry). More important, it is about envisioning your dream job and career path.

What do Humss students do?

HUMSS stands for Humanities and Social Sciences. It is one of the strands offered to Senior High students. This strand is for learners who aim to take up journalism, communication arts, liberal arts, education, and other social science-related courses in college.

What are the courses under the Humss Strand?

If you are in the HUMSS senior high strand, here are some of the courses that you can end up taking in college:Communication Arts. … History, Philosophy or Literature. … Education. … Journalism or Creative Writing. … Social Studies and Political Science.

What is the highest rank in Seaman?

Master/Captain Captain to us and Master to the crew, he is the highest ranked and commanding officer in the ship and represents the owner. The overall responsibility of the crew, ship and cargo rests on his shoulders.

Is there Math in Humss?

Next, if you think being a HUMSS student is easy because there’s little to no math or science involved, you need a reality check. … Sure, you might be spared from taking several math subjects, but there’s no escaping the copious amount of reading, writing and research in HUMSS.

What strand should I take if I want to be a doctor?

You’ll need to take and demonstrate knowledge of biology, microbiology, chemistry, physics, mathematics. Taking other non-pre-med courses will be helpful to round out your education. A college classmate of mine wanted to be a doctor, to go to medical school.

What is the best strand in senior high?

Yet, other artists who love to perform fit the senior high sports track. Social ones are helpers who love to work with people. They fit well in jobs such as coaching, teaching, and counseling, so either the GA or HUMMS strand of the Academic track is the best choice for them.

Is ABM a hard Strand?

If you will never make your brains active, ABM will be surely hard for you. Honestly the difficulty of a subject, lesson, course or strand is still depends on the student itself. If you will never make an effort to read or analyze those stuff you might panic! ABM is easy if you will focus and make it as your priority.