What Does Nexus Mean In Latin?

What does nefarious nexus mean?

Describe a person’s actions as nefarious if they are evil or wicked.

Batman and Superman are always fighting evildoers and stopping their nefarious plots.

Nefarious comes from the Latin nefas “crime, impiety.” If something is nefarious, it is criminal, evil, malicious and wicked..

What does optimum mean in Latin?

From New Latin, neuter of Latin optimus (“best, very good”), from the root or in ops (“work”), omnis (“all”).

What is the meaning of Maximus?

Maximus (Hellenised as Maximos) is the Latin term for “greatest” or “largest”. In this connection it may refer to: Circus Maximus (disambiguation) Pontifex Maximus, the highest priest of the College of Pontiffs in ancient Rome.

What does the word Nexus mean?

noun, plural nex·us·es, nex·us. a means of connection; tie; link. a connected series or group. the core or center, as of a matter or situation.

What is another word for Nexus?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for nexus, like: connection, tie, knot, link, core, network, union, bond, ligament, ligature and vinculum.

What is another word for underpin?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for underpin, like: base, build, establish, found, ground, predicate, rest, root, over, corroborate and bear out.

What is another word for connection?

In this page you can discover 94 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for connection, like: kinship, conjunction, tie-in, juncture, incoherence, filiation, relation, symphysis, tie, disconnection and gap.

What is the opposite of Nexus?

What is the opposite of nexus?disconnectiondivisiondivorcelineseparationwholedisunionantagonismdifferencedissimilarity9 more rows

What is the part of speech of Nexus?

link, nexus(noun) the means of connection between things linked in series. Synonyms: connection, link, radio link, liaison, tie, connexion, inter-group communication, linkup, data link, contact, connectedness, tie-in.

What is the plural of Nexus?

noun. Save Word. nex·​us | \ ˈnek-səs \ plural nexuses\ ˈnek-​sə-​səz \ or nexus\ ˈnek-​səs , -​ˌsüs \

What is another term for Pagan?

Noun. Wiccan or witch. Wiccan. witch.

How do you use the word nexus?

Nexus sentence examplesThere is a nexus between each leading group of social phenomena and other leading groups; if there is a change in one of them, that change is accompanied by a corresponding modification of all the rest. … 3, 23.2), who holds that the nexus feudalis is consistent with summum imperium.More items…

What does Optimus mean in Latin?

C19: from Latin: the best (thing), from optimus best; see optimism.

What does Nexus mean in law?

Do Not Sell My Infopl: nex·us·es or: nexus [-səs, -süs] [Latin, bond, tie, from nectere to bind] : a connection or link between things, persons, or events esp. that is or is part of a chain of causation. Do Not Sell My Info.

What’s the meaning of Optimus?

It comes from the Latin word optimus, which means “best.” Even if you don’t think the very best thing will always happen, if you’re generally given to optimism, you think things will get better instead of worse. …