Who Beat Judd Trump?

Is Judd Trump left handed?

He plays left-handed but when table position demands he can also play right-handed..

Who is the richest snooker player in the world?

World’s Richest Snooker PlayersSteve Davis: A Player Lucky As A Lottery Winner. Net Worth: $33.7 million. … Stephen Hendry. Net Worth: $32.4 million. … Dennis Tyler. Net Worth: $23.3 million. … Jimmy White. Net Worth: $19.4 million. … Cliff Thorburn. Net Worth: $15.5 million. … Ronnie O’Sullivan. Net Worth: $14.2 million. … John Parrott. Net Worth: $11.6 million.

Where is Michaela Tabb now?

Since leaving the main professional circuit, Tabb has continued to referee Senior Tour events, including the World Seniors Championship finals in 2019 amd 2020.

What age is Judd Trump?

31 years (August 20, 1989)Judd Trump/AgeJudd Trump has risen to become one of the best snooker players in the world. The 31-year-old is the current world No 1 and recently won his 18th ranking title by adding the English Open to his collection.

Who has won the most Snooker World Championships?

Stephen HendryStephen Hendry holds the record for the most world titles in the modern era, having won the tournament seven times. Ray Reardon, Steve Davis, and Ronnie O’Sullivan have each won six titles; John Higgins has won four; and John Spencer, Mark Williams, and Mark Selby have each won three.

Who is Judd Trump’s brother?

Jack TrumpJudd Trump/Brothers

Who is the most successful snooker player ever?

Ronnie O’SullivanList of winners. Ronnie O’Sullivan holds the record for the most ranking titles with 37, having passed Stephen Hendry’s total of 36 by winning the 2020 World Snooker Championship. John Higgins is third in the list with 30 wins, followed by Steve Davis with 28.

Who is the oldest snooker player still playing?

Davis is the second oldest snooker player to make an official maximum break of 147 points in a professional competition, at the age of 44 years and 202 days….Mark Davis (snooker player)Current ranking44 (as of 31 October 2020)Career winnings£1,355,440Highest break147 (2 times)Century breaks258Tournament wins8 more rows

Who is currently No 1 in the snooker world rankings?

Judd TrumpJudd Trump is the current world number one.

Who is the greatest snooker player of all time?

Top ten snooker players of all time with Ronnie O’Sullivan beating Stephen Hendry to No1 after World Championships winRONNIE O’SULLIVAN. … STEPHEN HENDRY. … STEVE DAVIS. … RAY REARDON. … JOHN HIGGINS. … MARK SELBY. … MARK WILLIAMS. … JOHN SPENCER.More items…•

Is 155 the highest break in snooker?

The highest break possible is 155. This can occur when an opponent fouls but leaves the player snookered on all 15 reds. The player can nominate one of the other colours as a red, known as a “free ball”, which carries the same value as a red for just that shot.

Where does Judd Trump come from?

Whitchurch, Bristol, United KingdomJudd Trump/Place of birth

Has anyone ever scored a 155 break in snooker?

In 2006 Jamie Cope became the first player to record a 155 break. He did it in a witnessed practice match. Jamie is a professional snooker player from Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire, England.

Who has done the most 147 breaks?

A look at the total number of 147 breaks ever scored in snooker history, who made them and videos of the best ones. There have been 156 maximum breaks made in professional tournament snooker, with Steve Davis managing the first way back in 1982 and Ronnie O’Sullivan scoring the most with 15.

How many centuries has Ronnie O’Sullivan had?

Ronnie O’Sullivan holds the record for the most career centuries and is the only player to have achieved 1,000 century breaks, a milestone he reached in the final frame of the 2019 Players Championship in Preston.

What is Judd Trump’s real name?

Judd Trump (born 20 August 1989) is an English professional snooker player from Bristol….Judd Trump.Trump at the 2015 World ChampionshipBorn20 August 1989 Whitchurch, Bristol, EnglandSport countryEnglandNicknameMr. Haircut 100 The Ace in the Pack JuddernautTournament wins9 more rows

How many 147s has Judd Trump made?

However, despite being the official world record-holder, Maddocks may not actually be the youngest player to have made one; Judd Trump is on record as having compiled a 147 at the Potters Under-16 Tournament in 2004 at the age of 14 years and 206 days, but this break was not recognised by Guinness World Records.

Who is the best snooker player 2019?

The Top 5 Snooker Players in 2019An Overview of This Fast-Rising Sport. While snooker has been around for a century and a half, it has only seen significant exposure over the last couple of decades. … Judd Trump. … Neil Robertson. … Mark Williams. … Ronnie O’Sullivan. … Mark Selby.