Quick Answer: What Is The Synonym Of Deluge?

What is opposite of deluge?


Antonyms: mist, moisture, dearth, drought, aridity, subsidence, exsiccation..

How do you use deluge in a sentence?

Deluge sentence examplesThat deluge of fire was worth seeing. … Next Ahriman sent a deluge, from which one man escaped in a boat with his cattle. … An eruption in 1783, with a deluge of lava, destro~ed an extensive forest and overwhelmed several villages.More items…

What does downpour mean?

: a pouring or streaming downward especially : a heavy rain.

What does cacophony mean?

noun, plural ca·coph·o·nies. harsh discordance of sound; dissonance: a cacophony of hoots, cackles, and wails. a discordant and meaningless mixture of sounds: the cacophony produced by city traffic at midday.

Is Downpouring a word?

Downpouring definitions Present participle of downpour. The act of something being poured down.

What are squally showers?

A squall is a sudden, sharp increase in wind speed lasting minutes, contrary to a wind gust lasting seconds. They are usually associated with active weather, such as rain showers, thunderstorms, or heavy snow.

How can I calculate depreciation?

Use the following steps to calculate monthly straight-line depreciation:Subtract the asset’s salvage value from its cost to determine the amount that can be depreciated.Divide this amount by the number of years in the asset’s useful lifespan.Divide by 12 to tell you the monthly depreciation for the asset.

Which word is most similar to stupefy?

Synonyms of stupefyfloor,rock,shock,startle,stun,surprise.(also surprize),thunderstrike.More items…

What is the synonyms of abstruse?

SYNONYMS FOR abstruse 1 incomprehensible, unfathomable, arcane.

What is the opposite of diligent?

Antonyms: slack, derelict, impatient, delinquent, negligent, neglectful, lax, inattentive, hit-and-run(a), remiss. Synonyms: persevering. diligent(adj)

What does the word deluge mean?

a great flood of water; inundation; flood. a drenching rain; downpour. anything that overwhelms like a flood: a deluge of mail.

What is the another name of depreciation?

Find another word for depreciation. In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for depreciation, like: devaluation, shrinkage, discount, markdown, reduction, write-down, belittlement, denigration, deprecation, derogation and detraction.

What is a sudden heavy rain called?

A downpour is a sudden and unexpected heavy fall of rain. … sheltering from a sudden downpour of rain. Synonyms: rainstorm, flood, deluge, torrential rain More Synonyms of downpour.

What is the opposite of depreciate?

What is the opposite of depreciate?enhanceappreciateinflamehikedeepensweetengainraise the value ofgo up in pricemake worse124 more rows

What is the nature of depreciation?

Depreciation has been defined as the diminution in the utility or value of an asset and is a non-cash expense. It does not result in any cash outflow; it just means that the asset is not worth as much as it used to be. Causes of depreciation are natural wear and tear.