Question: What Does Legato Mean?

What does Legato mean in English?

bound togetherLegato means “bound together,” for which we substitute the word “connected.”.

What is the opposite of legato?

staccatoThe opposite of “legato” would be “staccato,” which is abbreviated in crossword puzzles as STAC. A staccato direction consists of small dots placed directly above or below individual notes, and those notes are played in a short and disconnected manner, often in a faster tempo.

What does Legato mean in music?

tied togetherIn music performance and notation, legato ([leˈɡaːto]; Italian for “tied together”; French lié; German gebunden) indicates that musical notes are played or sung smoothly and connected. … There is an intermediate articulation called either mezzo staccato or non-legato (sometimes referred to as portato).

What does Legato look like?

Legato notes are often slurred; that is, a group of notes is played together in one down-bow or up-bow. In the music, a slur looks like a curved line over the notes that are all in one bow.

What is homophonic mean?

having the same sound. Music. having one part or melody predominating (opposed to polyphonic).

Is Legato the same as slur?

Legato is a technique, whereas a slur is a marking. … In standard notation legato is indicated either with the word legato itself, or by a slur (a curved line) under the notes that are to be joined in one legato group.

What does PIU mean in music?

Updated March 30, 2019. The Italian musical term più means “more,” and is used with other musical commands to increase their effects; più agitato, “more agitated.” It is the opposite of meno.

What is a detached legato?

Staccato. Signifies a note of shortened duration or detached (not legato) Legato. Indicates musical notes are to be played or sung smoothly and connected.

What does Piu Mosso mean in music?

adverb. Music. (especially as a direction) more quickly.

What does Legato mean Brainly?

*end of a phrase which feels like a conclusion of the melody. *musical notes that are detached to create excitement in a melody. *musical notes tied together to create a smooth melody. *phrase that sound complete even played apart from the melody.

What does Sempre Legato mean?

: always —used in music directionssempre legato.

What does non legato mean in music?

Non-legato is also known as porto, portamento, semi-staccato, mezzo-staccato, slurred staccato. Non-legato is a method of playing a group of notes. This method indicates that the group of notes should not be played connected. As a result, there should be a pause between each note.

How do you use legato in a sentence?

In a smooth flowing manner, without breaks between notes. ‘An emphasis on slower tempos gives Black the opportunity to show off her very accomplished legato playing. ‘ ‘The pianist wants us to hear everything, and he relies on his legato playing to prevent the music from sounding dry, even skeletal.

What is the difference between legato and staccato?

To remember legato means connected, think your leg is connected to your body. The term staccato (pronounced “stuh-caw-toe”) means detached, or separated, notes. Staccato notes have space, or silence, between them. … Notes of any rhythm can be played legato or staccato.

What does Sempre PIU mean in music?

adverb. music. ( preceding a tempo or dynamic marking) always; consistently. It is used to indicate that a specified volume, tempo, etc, is to be sustained throughout a piece or passage.