Quick Answer: How Do You Describe Movement?

How do you describe fast movement?

Words used to describe fast movement – thesaurusfast.


able to move quickly.quick.


able to move fast or do something fast.swift.


moving quickly.speedy.


happening very quickly.nimble.


able to move quickly and easily.brisk.





adjective.More items….

What’s a word for moving quickly?

What is another word for move quickly?careerdashspeed upbe quickgo faststreakwhooshvroomwhipaccelerate212 more rows

What is another word for dancing?

Synonyms fordisco.rock.waltz.jump.shimmy.skip.tap.trip.

What is another name for a dancer?

Synonyms forballet dancer.danseur.danseuse.hoofer.belly-dancer.chorus girl.coryphee.prima ballerina.

What words describe movement?

Adjectives used to describe movement include: slow, slight, moderate, gradual, steady, quick, rapid, significant, sharp, substantial, dramatic. Adverbs are formed by adding -ly to the adjective, and sometimes one or two other letters change as well.

How do you describe movement in dance?

The use of different gradations of energy to perform a movement is often described as adding dynamic quality to movement. Specifically, in dance we identify six dynamic qualities: sustained, percussive, swinging, suspended, collapsed, and vibratory.

How would you describe a dance?

Here are some adjectives for dance: intricate and ceremonial, expressively erotic, truly intricate, rude all-night, complex ritual, earlier ritual, agile aerial, slow mindless, distant carnival, secret, independent, final, graceful, furious and most revolting, reliable and eternal, great heart-to-heart, pyrrhic or …

What is the one word for to move with high steps?

move with high stepsMove with high stepsPRANCE(Of horse) moving with high stepsPRANCING39 more rows

How do you compliment a dancer?

“A beautiful performance, very emotional and moving.” “You have great charisma – please keep this, as this will distinguish you from other dancers.” “You put your heart and soul into the dance. Very gifted, well done!”